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Bluetooth (Bluetooth) technologyis a short-range radio technologythe use of “Bluetooth” technology that can effectively
Simplify PDAsnotebook computers and mobile phone handsets and other mobile communication terminal communication between devicesbut also to work
These simplify the device and the Internet (Internet) communication between the communication devices so that these modern and the Internet
Data transfer between more quickly and efficientlyto widen the road for wireless communications.
Because it is the first to deal with the Bluetooth modulefirst come today or small test chopperso Arduino successfully communicate with pc
Bar. Let’s wiringconnect a Bluetooth board +5 V VCCGND connection board Bluetooth-GNDTX motherboard Bluetooth connection
RXRX Connectivity Bluetooth TX. When the Bluetooth module is successfully connected with the PC powerthe Bluetooth module power indicator will flash
Shuothe connection indicator will light green.
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